Tappy Tibbons: Now we come to step three. This... drives... most... people... crazy.

Sara Goldfarb: I'm thinking thin!

Sara Goldfarb: [on her pills] Purple in the morning, blue in the afternoon, and orange in the evening. Just like that, one two three four!

Sara Goldfarb: I love thinking about the red dress, the television, and YOU! When I'm out in the sun, I SMILE!

Marianne: I love you Harry. You make me feel like a person.
Harry: Marianne, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You are my dream.

Laughing Guard: That's the trouble with ya New York dope fiends! Ya got a ROTTEN ATTITUDE!

Sara Goldfarb: I'm somebody now, Harry. Everybody likes me. Soon, millions of people will see me and they'll all like me. I'll tell them about you, and your father, how good he was to us. Remember? It's a reason to get up in the morning. It's a reason to lose weight, to fit in the red dress. It's a reason to smile. It makes tomorrow all right. What have I got Harry, hm? Why should I even make the bed, or wash the dishes? I do them, but why should I? I'm alone. Your father's gone, you're gone. I got no one to care for. What have I got, Harry? I'm lonely. I'm old.
Harry Goldfarb: You got friends, Ma.
Sara Goldfarb: Ah, it's not the same. They don't need me. I like the way I feel. I like thinking about the red dress and the television and you and your father. Now when I get the sun, I smile.

Sara Goldfarb: In the end, everything's all right.

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